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We are prominent Accountant and Business Consultant In Nepal. We offer services in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Pokhara, Butwal, Chitwan, Kavre and other major cities in Nepal, Our Service include accounts outsourcing, company formation ( Registration ) in Nepal , Company Update, Company Ownership Change, Tax Registration, Vat Management , Account Management ,Foreign Investment Approvals, Business taxation, corporate compliance, starting business in Nepal, registration of foreign companies, taxation of expatriates etc.

What Do We Do?

Experienced consultants and certified legal advisors are here to help you through all the complex and cumbersome processes.

Company Registration

Register any type of business with us.We register variety of company such as Private, Public, NGO, Non Profit Organization and manymore. We not only register business but also help you with Buiness Consulting and any other Business related help related to Tax and manymore..

Intellectual Property, Trademark, Patent, Copyright

Patent registration to any new invention, copyright of your literary and artistic work, music, films, computer programs and others, trademark registration for distinguishing your goods or services in market is required. You can register any above entity with us.

Feasibility Studies

Prepare feasibility report with pros and cons, also prepare business plan, timing and budgeting, sales and distribution based on local knowlwdge and experience.
Also other studies such as sales and distribution, commercial entity establishment, recruitment and team building activities.

Financial Plans and Projection

Financial Plans Projection includes Income Statement Projection, Cash flow Statement, Balance Sheet, Profit and loss forecast, Monthly Cash flow, Break-Even Analysis, Business Ratios and manymore.

Organization Building

Organization Building needs setting up Organization, defining business goals and policies, objective setting, infrastructure setup, managing regulatory affairs, team building, strategies for marketing, Business develoipment and manymore.


We carry out registration and affiliation for foreign companies and individual willing to invest in business in Nepal. We also do in-depth market research for your product or services so that the Investment will be properly utilised.

Accounting and taxations

We develop tax planning strategies to avoid costly mistakes and liability. Our tax providers plan and formulate the best tax solutions to minimize your tax obligations. It is important to maintain daily records and entries to keep all the activities and obligations in check and avoid legal troubles and penalties. We help companies to complete their daily financial records, month-end closure of book of accounts, prepare weekly / monthly financial reports.

Compliances and Document preparation

Compliances are obligatory duties required by law for every business. With failure in fulfillment of compliances would result in unnecessary sanctions and obligations. We will consult you about all the compliances after the company registration as well as take care of the preparation of required documents.

Business Incorporation

Our legal experts will consult you on the type of legal entity suitable for the nature of your business. We will also tailor the required documents with your specific requirements in mind to enable your business operations. We provide registration services for sole proprietorship, partnership firms, public companies, private companies, and non-profit companies.Also other studies such as sales and distribution, commercial entity establishment, recruitment and team building activities.

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Make your business digital. We use softwares to store your data as well as accounting data.

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We use secure environment to store your data. so need to worry about data loss or any leakage.

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We not only work for you but also help you grow your business and make you best for long run.

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As Advance accounting has been giving the service since 2015 and they have been satisfying there customer with harmonious and sound environment. I will suggest everyone to be the part of Advance Accounting and Tax Solution. They will always support you in your deed.